What rhymes with regular?

List of words that rhyme with regular in our rhyming dictionary.

Regular rhymes with:

irregular, irregular, angular, equiangular, irregular, jugular, rectangular, singular, triangular, angular, annular, avuncular, binocular, cardiovascular, cellular, circular, curricular, equiangular, extracurricular, gastrovascular, globular, granular, intercellular, intermolecular, irregular, jocular, jugular, molecular, muscular, particular, perpendicular, popular, rectangular, secular, semicircular, singular, spectacular, testicular, triangular, tubular, unicellular, unpopular, unspectacular, vascular, vehicular, vernacular

Regular sounds like:

raisler, recycler, reichler, reseller, resler, ressler, riegler, rigler, rissler, roesler, roessler, rossler, ruseler, russler

What rhymes with regular?