What rhymes with resuscitating?

List of words that rhyme with resuscitating in our rhyming dictionary.

Resuscitating rhymes with:

incapacitating, necessitating, gravitating, incapacitating, necessitating, agitating, debilitating, devastating, dictating, facilitating, gravitating, hesitating, imitating, incapacitating, irritating, levitating, meditating, necessitating, overstating, permutating, precipitating, rehabilitating, rotating, understating

Resuscitating sounds like:

reacting, reactions, recasting, receding, recitations, reciting, rejecting, rejections, requesting, reseting, residence, residences, residencies, residency, residing, resistance, resistence, resisting, restating, resting, ricocheting, rightness, rightwing, roasting, rocketing, rostenkowski, rostenkowski's, rusting

What rhymes with resuscitating?