What rhymes with satires?

List of words that rhyme with satires in our rhyming dictionary.

Satires rhymes with:

amplifiers, backfires, blowdryers, bonfires, campfires, didemeyer's, fortifiers, highfliers, homebuyers, humidifiers, longmeyer's, magnifiers, occupiers, pacifiers, purifiers, qualifiers, rectifiers, umpires, wildfires

Satires sounds like:

saddoris, satiric, satirize, satirizes, scooters, scouters, scudder's, secateurs, sector's, sectors, seedeaters, seiders, sequesters, sequiturs, setters, shadrick, shatters, shedrick, shooters, shudders, shutters, shysters, siderca, sideris, siders, siders', sidetrack, sister's, sisters, sitars, sitrick, sitters, skaters, skeeters, sodders, souders, southers, sowders, squatters, staar's, staircase, staircases, stairs, stairways, star's, starace, starch, starches, starchy, starck, stares, stark, stark's, starke, starkes, starkey, starks, starr's, starrs, stars, stars', starzyk, stater's, staters, stearic, stears, steers, sterchi, stereos, sterk, stiers, stires, stirs, stora's, storage, storaska, storch, storck, store's, storehouse, storehouse's, storehouses, storer's, stores, stores', stories, stork, storrs, story's, storz, stowers, strack, stracke, straka, strauch, straus, strause, strauss, strauss's, straws, strays, streak, streaks, streck, strege, streich, stress, stresses, strick, strike, strike's, strikes, strikes', strock, stroik, stroke, strokes, stroock, strough, strouse, struck, struss, sturc, sturges, sturgess, sturgis, sturkie, sturrock, sturza, stutters, styers, suitor's, suitors, suthers, sutro's, sutures, sweaters, swiderski, syders, syders'

What rhymes with satires?