What rhymes with semidrying?

List of words that rhyme with semidrying in our rhyming dictionary.

Semidrying rhymes with:

drying, crying, decrying, drying, frying, prying, retrying, trying, applying, belying, buying, complying, crying, decrying, defying, denying, drying, dyeing, dying, eyeing, flying, frying, implying, indemnifying, lying, misapplying, overflying, overlying, plying, prying, relying, replying, retrying, shying, sighing, spying, supplying, tieing, trying, tying, underlying, undying, vying

Semidrying sounds like:

santorum's, schneiderman's, smattering, smithereens, smothering, squandering, syndromes

What rhymes with semidrying?