What rhymes with slather?

List of words that rhyme with slather in our rhyming dictionary.

Slather rhymes with:

blather, lather, blather, cather, gather, lather, mather, prather, rather, sather, smather, wrather

Slather sounds like:

salter, saltier, saltwater, salutary, saulter, schilder, schlater, schlatter, schleeter, schlitter, schlotter, schlueter, schluter, schowalter, schulder, shelter, shoulder, showalter, skelter, slater, slatter, slattery, slayter, sleator, sleeter, slider, sliter, slither, slothower, sluder, sluiter, sluyter, slyter, solder, soldier, solitaire, solitary, solodar, soltero, sultry, swelter, sweltry

What rhymes with slather?