What rhymes with soundtracks?

List of words that rhyme with soundtracks in our rhyming dictionary.

Soundtracks rhymes with:

amtrak's, backtracks, racetracks, amtrak's, backtracks, borax, mesothorax, metathorax, racetracks, wisecracks

Soundtracks sounds like:

san-andreas, sanders, sanders's, sandrock, saunders, saunders', saunders's, saundra's, schneider's, schneiders, schneiders', schnieders, schnyder's, secondaries, senator's, senators, senators', senders, senters, sentras, sentries, signatories, signatures, sinatra's, smathers, smethers, smithers, smothers, smotrich, snyder's, sonatrach, soundtrack, squanders, summiteers, syndrich, syntrex

What rhymes with soundtracks?