What rhymes with spruce?

List of words that rhyme with spruce in our rhyming dictionary.

Spruce rhymes with:

preuss, pruess, abstruse, bruce, cruce, druce, preuss, pruess, reuss, ruess, truce

Spruce sounds like:

sabers, sabres, safarik, safaris, safire's, safra's, sagebrush, sapphires, sassafras, sassafras's, savarese, savers, savior's, saviors, savors, saybrook, schaberg, schaefers, schepers, schippers, scifres, seaberg, seabrook, seabrook's, seabrooks, seaburg, seafarers, seavers, seevers, severs, sevruga, sferrazza, sforza, shakespeare's, shapiro's, shapiros, shavers, shipper's, shippers, shipwreck, shivers, shoberg, shopper's, shoppers, shoppers', siebers, sievers, sifers, sjoberg, skipper's, skippers, sobers, sofer's, sparacio, sparaco, sparc, spares, spargo, spark, sparkes, sparks, sparky, sparrows, sparse, spears, speirs, speros, sperrazza, spheres, spiers, spires, spoor's, sporck, spores, spragg, sprague, sprague's, sprayers, sprays, sprees, sprick, sprigg, spriggs, sprizzo, sprock, sprogus, sprogus's, sprouse, spurge, spurious, spurs, sufferers, suffers, suffrage, superheroes, superhighway, superhighways, superior's, superiors, supers, superx, suppers, suppress, suppresses, sverige, sweepers, syphers

What rhymes with spruce?