What rhymes with tabor?

List of words that rhyme with tabor in our rhyming dictionary.

Tabor rhymes with:

taber, aber, aybar, baber, belabor, faber, fabre, gaber, graber, haber, jaber, klaiber, laber, labor, lefeber, lefebre, lefebvre, lesabre, naber, neighbor, raber, saber, sabir, sabre, schaber, shaber, taber, traber

Tabor sounds like:

tabar, taber, tafaro, taper, tapper, tauber, tavera, tefra, teper, tepper, teuber, thievery, tiber, tiberi, tiberia, tiberio, tipper, tipperary, tobar, tober, toepfer, topiary, topor, topper, touvier, tovar, tupper, tupperware

What rhymes with tabor?