What rhymes with talese?

List of words that rhyme with talese in our rhyming dictionary.

Talese rhymes with:

congolese, journalese, mcaleese, nepalese, senegalese, sinhalese, belize, congolese, displease, enrollees, fleas, flees, journalese, klee's, klees, leas, lee's, lees, li's, liese, mcaleese, mcclees, mclees, nepalese, parolees, pleas, please, plese, senegalese, sinhalese, sleaze, ulee's

Talese sounds like:

tadlock, tailhook, tails, talaga, talc, talcs, tales, talk, talk's, talkie, talkies, talks, talky, tallahassee, tallahassee's, tallies, tatlock, telco, telecheck, telesco, telesis, telesis', telesis's, telex, telex's, telexes, telles, tellez, tellis, tells, telos, telugu, thalassa, thalia's, theology, thewlis, thielke, thielsch, tieless, tiles, tilles, tillis, tilly's, titles, toils, toles, tolles, tolls, tools, toothless, toothlike, total's, totals, toulouse, towels, towle's, towles, tullis, tullius, tulloch, tullock, tullos, tulsa, tutelage, tylka

What rhymes with talese?