What rhymes with vendee?

List of words that rhyme with vendee in our rhyming dictionary.

Vendee rhymes with:

attendee, attendee, candee, dundee, adee, attendee, boy-ar-dee, c.o.d., candee, cd, d, de, dea, dee, deedee, di, dundee, dvd, hardee, lapd, lsd, oad, sze-di

Vendee sounds like:

vanatta, vande, vandehei, vandehey, vanity, vannatta, vannote, vanuatu, vaunted, vehement, vendetta, vendetti, venditti, vendo, venita, vent, vented, venti, vento, venuti, venuto, vienot, viewpoint, vinet, vinita, vint, vipond, vipont, vivendi, vomit, vonada

What rhymes with vendee?