What rhymes with verna?

List of words that rhyme with verna in our rhyming dictionary.

Verna rhymes with:

virna, erna, kudrna, mirna, myrna, perna, sirna, smyrna, virna, werne

Verna sounds like:

varani, varano, varian, varin, varina, varma, varn, varney, varni, varnon, varnum, varon, varona, varone, varrone, vereen, verena, verene, verina, verine, verma, vermin, vern, verne, verney, verno, vernon, vernonia, veron, verona, vipperman, viren, virina, virna, viromune, vrain, vrana, vremya, vroman, vroom, vrooman

What rhymes with verna?