What rhymes with abra?

List of words that rhyme with abra in our rhyming dictionary.

Abra rhymes with:

candelabra, cobre, macabre, sabra, abracadabra, algebra, alhambra, ambra, barbra, cambra, candelabra, celebre, cobra, cobre, dambra, debora, debra, giambra, hombre, libra, lumbra, macabre, malabre, nacobre, penumbra, sabra, sambre, umbra, vertebra, zebra

Abra sounds like:

abair, abare, aber, abhor, abor, abreu, afar, affair, afire, afro, appear, appro, apra, aprea, apriori, auber, auberry, aubrey, aubry, aufiero, aver, avera, avery, aviary, awbrey, aybar

What rhymes with abra?