What rhymes with cobre?

List of words that rhyme with cobre in our rhyming dictionary.

Cobre rhymes with:

macabre, abra, candelabra, macabre, sabra, abra, abracadabra, algebra, alhambra, ambra, barbra, cambra, candelabra, celebre, cobra, dambra, debora, debra, giambra, hombre, libra, lumbra, macabre, malabre, nacobre, penumbra, sabra, sambre, umbra, vertebra, zebra

Cobre sounds like:

cabrera, cafaro, caffery, caffrey, cafiero, caper, capper, capra, capraro, capri, caprio, casebeer, casebier, caspar, casper, caver, caviar, cease-fire, ceasefire, cepero, chaparro, chauffeur, chavarria, chavira, cheaper, cheever, chesbro, chesebro, chevrier, chipper, choper, chopper, chopra, cibro, cifra, cipher, cipri, cobra, cofer, coffaro, coffer, cooper, coover, copher, copier, copper, coppery, copra, cosper, couper, cover, cowper, cyber, cypher

What rhymes with cobre?