What rhymes with affining?

List of words that rhyme with affining in our rhyming dictionary.

Affining rhymes with:

refining, confining, defining, fining, redefining, refining, aligning, assigning, breining, brining, combining, confining, declining, defining, designing, dining, divining, fining, lining, mining, opining, pining, realigning, reassigning, reclining, redefining, redesigning, refining, resigning, shining, signing, twining, vanhyning, vining, whining, wining

Affining sounds like:

abbenhaus, abeyance, abiam's, affines, affymax, afonso, aping, avana's, avanex, avemco, avemco's, avenge, avenue's, avenues, aviano's, avionic, avionics, avions, avon's

What rhymes with affining?