What rhymes with avenge?

List of words that rhyme with avenge in our rhyming dictionary.

Avenge rhymes with:

revenge, benge, enge, klenge, menge, revenge, wenge, alonge, ange, arrange, bange, benge, binge, bunge, challenge, change, collinge, counterchallenge, cringe, degrange, delagrange, delange, derange, downrange, enge, estrange, exchange, expunge, flange, fringe, gange, grange, grunge, hinge, impinge, infringe, inge, interchange, klenge, klinge, lagrange, lestrange, long-range, longe, longrange, lounge, lozenge, lunge, mange, menge, midrange, minge, monge, monje, orange, phalange, plunge, prange, prearrange, range, rearrange, revenge, runge, scavenge, scrounge, shortchange, singe, sponge, stange, stonehenge, stonge, strange, syringe, tange, tinge, tonge, twinge, unhinge, vinje, wenge, winge, younge

Avenge sounds like:

abbenhaus, abeyance, abiam's, affines, affining, affymax, afonso, aping, avana's, avanex, avemco, avemco's, avenue's, avenues, aviano's, avionic, avionics, avions, avon's

What rhymes with avenge?