What rhymes with assures?

List of words that rhyme with assures in our rhyming dictionary.

Assures rhymes with:

reassures, brochures, ensures, insures, reassures, sures, amanpour's, beladur's, boors, brochures, cures, detours, endures, ensures, insures, koors, luehrs, luhrs, lures, matures, moore's, moores, moors, obscures, poor's, poors, reassures, secures, spoor's, sures, tour's, tours, yours

Assures sounds like:

accessories, accessorize, accor's, accrues, accuracies, accuracy, accuray's, accurso, accusers, acker's, acquirer's, acquirers, acquires, acreage, acres, across, acura's, acuras, agers, agers', aggress, agrees, agregious, agrexco, agrico, agrusa, aguirra's, aguirre's, ahasuerus, akers, akers's, aquarius, asarco, asarco's, ashcreek, asker's, askers, askers', askers's, assessors, assuras, augers, augurs, azcarraga, azhar's, azores

What rhymes with assures?