What rhymes with matures?

List of words that rhyme with matures in our rhyming dictionary.

Matures rhymes with:

amanpour's, assures, beladur's, boors, brochures, cures, detours, endures, ensures, insures, koors, luehrs, luhrs, lures, moore's, moores, moors, obscures, poor's, poors, reassures, secures, spoor's, sures, tour's, tours, yours

Matures sounds like:

madaras, madaris, madras, madres, madruga, manders, mandracchia, mandrake, mandresh, matarazzo, matarese, mathers, matra's, matriarch, matriarchy, matrice, matrices, matrix, matrix's, matrixes, matter's, matterease, matters, mattress, mattress's, mattresses, meaders, meadors, meanders, medarex, medaris, medders, medearis, medeiros, mederos, mediators, meinders, mentor's, mentors, metathorax, meteoric, meteors, meters, metres, metric, metrick, metrics, metro's, miniatures, miniaturize, modarressi, modrak, monitors, monterosso, montrose, montross, montrouis, moteurs, mother's, mothers, mothers', motor's, motorize, motors, motors', mudrick, mutters

What rhymes with matures?