What rhymes with befriend?

List of words that rhyme with befriend in our rhyming dictionary.

Befriend rhymes with:

friend, friend, rende, trend, yearend, amend, append, apprehend, arend, ascend, attend, backend, bend, blend, commend, comprehend, condescend, contend, defend, depend, descend, distend, echemende, end, ende, expend, extend, fend, friend, impend, intend, landsend, lend, mend, mende, misspend, offend, overextend, penned, portend, pretend, recommend, relend, rende, reoffend, send, spend, suspend, tend, transcend, trend, unbend, wend, wende, yearend

Befriend sounds like:

barndt, barnet, barnett, barnette, baronet, beforehand, befriended, behrend, behrendt, berend, berendt, berent, bermuda, bernadette, bernat, bernath, bernd, berndt, bernet, bernett, bernita, bernt, biernat, birmid, borunda, bournewood, boyfriend, braindead, brained, brand, branda, brandau, brande, branded, brandi, brando, brandow, brandt, brandy, brant, braund, brenda, brent, brentwood, briand, briant, brieant, brimmed, bromide, bromont, bronte, browned, brownout, brumett, brumit, brumitt, brummet, brummett, brummitt, brummond, brunet, brunett, brunetta, brunette, brunetti, brunetto, brunt, brunty, bryant, burandt, burndy, burned, burnet, burnett, burnette, burnout, burnt, burundi

What rhymes with befriend?