What rhymes with penned?

List of words that rhyme with penned in our rhyming dictionary.

Penned rhymes with:

append, depend, expend, impend, misspend, spend, suspend, amend, append, apprehend, arend, ascend, attend, backend, befriend, bend, blend, commend, comprehend, condescend, contend, defend, depend, descend, distend, echemende, end, ende, expend, extend, fend, friend, impend, intend, landsend, lend, mend, mende, misspend, offend, overextend, portend, pretend, recommend, relend, rende, reoffend, send, spend, suspend, tend, transcend, trend, unbend, wend, wende, yearend

Penned sounds like:

pained, paint, painted, panda, pandey, pandit, pando, pandy, pandya, panetta, panned, pant, panted, panthea, panty, pavement, pawned, payment, peanut, peinado, pennant, pent, penta, penthea, pfund, phoned, phonemate, pienta, pined, pineda, pinedo, pinetta, pinette, pinned, pinot, pint, pinta, pinto, poinot, point, pointe, pointed, pointy, pond, ponied, pont, ponte, ponti, ponto, pound, pounded, puente, pundit, pundt, puneet, punit, punt, punta, punto

What rhymes with penned?