What rhymes with cages?

List of words that rhyme with cages in our rhyming dictionary.

Cages rhymes with:

cage's, age's, cage's, engages, klages, mages, page's, rages, sages, acknowledges, advantages, age's, ajaj's, appendages, arranges, arrearages, average's, averages, babbage's, badges, baton-rouge's, berges, beverages, binges, blockages, bridge's, brokerage's, brokerages, brokerages', bruges, brydges, bulges, cabbages, cage's, cardiges, carriages, centrifuges, challenges, claridges, college's, colleges, colleges', cottages, countercharges, coverages, cringes, defarges, dinges, disadvantages, discourages, disparages, diverges, dodge's, dodges, doenges, dosages, emerges, encourages, engages, enlarges, envisages, exchange's, exchanges', falconbridge's, forges, fringes, fuselages, garges, granges, grudges, hedges, heiges, hentges, heritage's, hinges, hodge's, hodges, hostages', impinges, indulges, infringes, interchanges, judge's, judges, judges', karges, klages, kluge's, ledges, limoges, lineages, linkages, lodge's, loges, lounges, lunges, macrophages, mages, manages, manges, marriages, melridge's, menges, merges, midge's, minges, miscarriages, mischarges, misjudges, mortgage's, nilges, nudges, obliges, orphanages, outages, outrages, overcharges, package's, page's, partridges, percentages, pilgrimages, pillages, pledges, plunges, porges, porterages, presages, purges, rages, rampages, ravages, refuge's, refuges, repackages, sages, sarage's, sausages, scourges, sieges, stockbrokerages, stooges, stoppages, sturges, surcharges, toenjes, trudges, turbocharges, vantage's, vantages, verges, vestiges, village's, vintages, voges, voltage's, wantages

Cages sounds like:

c, c's, c1, c2, c3, c4, c5, ca, cac, cac's, cacace, cacaci, cacao, caccia, cache, caches, cacho, cacique, cage, cage's, cagey, caguas, cahasa, cai, caiazzo, caisse, caissie, cake, cake's, cakes, cao, caq, caq's, cas, casa, casas, casassa, casaus, casazza, cascio, casco, case, case's, cases, casesa, casey, casey's, caseze, caseze's, cash, cashes, cashew, cashews, cashway, cashways, casias, casio, cask, caskey, casks, caso, cass, cassese, cassia, cassie, cassis, casso, cassock, cau, caucasus, caucus, caucus's, caucuses, caughey, cause, causes, causeway, causeways, causey, caw, cay, caya, cayce, cayes, cayuses, cc, ccs, cea, cease, ceases, ceaucescu, ceausescu, ceausescu's, cecchi, cece, cech, ceci, ceco, cecos, cees, ceja, cejka, cha, cha-chas, chace, chachi, chacko, chae, chai, chaise, chao, chaos, chas, chase, chase's, chases, chaska, chasse, chassis, chau, chaus, chausse, chaussee, chaw, chaz, chazz, che, che's, chea, checchi, check, checks, chee, cheech, cheek, cheeks, cheeky, cheese, cheesecake, cheeses, cheesy, chek, ches, chess, cheuse, chew, chews, chewy, chez, chi, chi's, chia, chiasso, chic, chicago, chicago's, chichauha, chichauha's, chichi, chick, chickasaw, chickasaws, chicks, chico, chico's, chiesa, chihuahua, chikos, chiswick, chiu, chizek, cho, chock, choe, choi, choice, choices, chok, choke, chokes, choo, chook, choose, chooses, choosy, chose, chou, chow, chows, choy, choyce, chu, chua, chuah, chuck, chuck's, chuckie, chug, chugai, chugoku, chui, chukchi, chuse, cia, ciaccia, ciaccio, ciao, cicco, cichocki, cichowski, cichy, cicio, cie, ciga, cihak, ciocca, cisco, cisco's, cisek, cisewski, ciskei, cissie, ciszek, ciszewski, ciucci, cizek, cizik, co, coach, coach's, coaches, coax, coaxes, coca, cocca, cocchi, coccia, cocco, coccus, cock, cocke, cockey, cocks, cocky, coco, cocoa, cocos, cocozza, cocuzza, coe, coey, cog, cogeco, cohea, cohee, cohick, coho, coia, coke, coke's, cokes, cokie, cokie's, coo, coochie, cook, cook's, cooke, cookie, cookies, cooks, cooksey, coos, coosa, cos, cosa, coscia, cose, cosey, cosi, cosic, cosio, coss, cossa, cossack, cossacks, cossey, cossiga, cosy, cou, couch, couches, couey, cough, coughs, couse, cousy, cow, cow's, cowie, cows, cox, cox's, coxe, coy, coye, coz, cozy, cozza, cozzi, cucchi, cucci, cuccia, cuccio, cuckoo, cuckoo's, cuckoos, cuco, cue, cues, cuoco, cuozzo, cus, cusack, cush, cushey, cushy, cusic, cusick, cusk, cuso, cuso's, cuss, cuyahoga, cwik, cxc, cy, cyacq, czaja, czajka, czajkowski, czech, czechowski, czechs, czekajewski, czyz, czyzewski

What rhymes with cages?