What rhymes with merges?

List of words that rhyme with merges in our rhyming dictionary.

Merges rhymes with:

emerges, berges, diverges, emerges, purges, scourges, sturges, verges, acknowledges, advantages, age's, ajaj's, appendages, arranges, arrearages, average's, averages, babbage's, badges, baton-rouge's, berges, beverages, binges, blockages, bridge's, brokerage's, brokerages, brokerages', bruges, brydges, bulges, cabbages, cage's, cages, cardiges, carriages, centrifuges, challenges, claridges, college's, colleges, colleges', cottages, countercharges, coverages, cringes, defarges, dinges, disadvantages, discourages, disparages, diverges, dodge's, dodges, doenges, dosages, emerges, encourages, engages, enlarges, envisages, exchange's, exchanges', falconbridge's, forges, fringes, fuselages, garges, granges, grudges, hedges, heiges, hentges, heritage's, hinges, hodge's, hodges, hostages', impinges, indulges, infringes, interchanges, judge's, judges, judges', karges, klages, kluge's, ledges, limoges, lineages, linkages, lodge's, loges, lounges, lunges, macrophages, mages, manages, manges, marriages, melridge's, menges, midge's, minges, miscarriages, mischarges, misjudges, mortgage's, nilges, nudges, obliges, orphanages, outages, outrages, overcharges, package's, page's, partridges, percentages, pilgrimages, pillages, pledges, plunges, porges, porterages, presages, purges, rages, rampages, ravages, refuge's, refuges, repackages, sages, sarage's, sausages, scourges, sieges, stockbrokerages, stooges, stoppages, sturges, surcharges, toenjes, trudges, turbocharges, vantage's, vantages, verges, vestiges, village's, vintages, voges, voltage's, wantages

Merges sounds like:

maersk, maerz, maharaja, maharaja's, maharajahs, maiers, mainers, mairs, maners, manners, manors, manrique, manriquez, maoris, marais, marak, maras, marasco, marasek, marash, marash', marash's, marc, marceau, marceaux, marceca, marcessa, marcessa's, march, march's, marchak, marche, marches, marcheschi, marchese, marchesi, marchewka, marchi, marchio, marci, marcia, marcia's, marcie, marcissa, marcks, marco, marco's, marcoe, marcos, marcos', marcos's, marcoses, marcoses', marcou, marcoux, marcucci, marcus, marcus's, marcy, marczak, mare's, marek, mares, maresca, maresco, maresh, marez, marga, margaux, marge, margie, margo, margoshes, margus, margy, maria's, mariachi, marice, marich, marie's, marik, mario's, maris, marisa, marish, marissa, marissa's, mariucci, marius, mariusa, marjai, marje, marjie, marjy, mark, mark's, marke, markee, markese, markey, markey's, markie, markiewicz, markka, markkaa, markkas, marko, markos, markow, markowicz, markowski, marks, marks's, markus, marky, maroc, marois, marose, marous, marquai, marque, marquee, marques, marquess, marquez, marquis, marquiss, marrakech, marrazzo, marriage, marriages, marries, marris, marrocco, marrs, marrujo, mars, mars', mars's, marsch, marschke, marse, marseca, marseca's, marsee, marseka, marsh, marsh's, marsha, marshak, marshes, marshy, marsico, marsisa, marsisa's, marso, maruca, marucci, maruska, marwick, marwick's, marx, mary's, maryse, marz, marzec, marzo, maura's, maurice, maurice's, mauricio, maurizio, maurus, mayer's, mayers, mayor's, mayorga, mayors, meares, mears, meers, meharg, meier's, meiners, memoirs, memorex, memories, memories', memorize, memorizes, menorah's, menorahs, meraz, merc, merc's, merce, mercies, merck, merck's, mercy, merge, merhige, merica, merieux, meris, merk, merkey, merkich, merrick, merricks, mers, mersch, merz, meyer's, meyers, miears, mieras, miers, mierzejewski, mierzwa, minarik, mineowners, miner's, miners, miners', minorca, minorco, minorco's, minors, mir's, mirage, mirages, mirak, mires, mirick, miro's, mirror's, mirrors, mirsky, mirza, moerke, moers, monarch, monarch's, monarchies, monarchs, monarchy, monarrez, monomers, monroe's, mooers, moorco, moore's, moorehouse, moores, moorhouse, moorish, moors, mor's, morace, moraga, morais, morash, moraski, morass, morasses, morawski, morays, morehouse, mores, moresco, moreso, morga, morgue, morgues, moric, morice, morici, morihiro's, morikawa, morioka, moris, mork, morocco, moros, morose, morosky, morowick, moroz, morris, morris', morris's, morrisey, morrish, morriss, morrissey, morsch, morse, morss, moruhiro's, morze, mowers, moyer's, moyers, mraz, mrazek, mrazik, mroczek, mroczka, mroczkowski, mroz, mrozek, mrs, mrs., mruk, muraoka, murase, muraski, murasky, murawski, murch, murchie, murguia, murias, murihuro's, murk, murkowski, murky, murray's, myanmar's, myers, myers's, myres, myrick

What rhymes with merges?