What rhymes with carving?

List of words that rhyme with carving in our rhyming dictionary.

Carving rhymes with:

starving, starving, absolving, achieving, approving, arriving, behaving, believing, braving, calving, caregiving, caving, conceiving, conniving, conserving, craving, curving, deceiving, delving, depriving, deriving, deserving, disapproving, disbelieving, dissolving, diving, driving, earthmoving, elving, engraving, erving, evolving, forgiving, geving, giving, grieving, halving, having, heaving, hoving, improving, interleaving, interweaving, involving, irving, jiving, leaving, lifesaving, living, loving, microwaving, misbehaving, misconceiving, misgiving, moving, observing, outliving, paving, perceiving, preserving, proving, raving, receiving, relieving, reliving, removing, reserving, resolving, retrieving, reviving, revolving, revving, roving, saving, self-deceiving, serving, shaving, shelving, shoving, sieving, skydiving, solving, starving, staving, striving, surviving, thanksgiving, thieving, thriving, unbelieving, undeserving, unforgiving, unnerving, unswerving, waiving, waving, weaving

Carving sounds like:

caravans, carbonize, carbons, carpencic, carpencic's, carping, carvings, cervenka, cherrapunji, chervenak, chirping, chriboniko, chriboniko's, corpening, craven's, cravens, craving, cravings, creepiness, creeping, cribbing, cropping, curbing, curving

What rhymes with carving?