What rhymes with chablis?

List of words that rhyme with chablis in our rhyming dictionary.

Chablis rhymes with:

blea, ailee, allee, blea, bouley, colee, curlee, detailee, enrollee, flea, flee, glee, klee, lea, lee, leigh, li, parolee, plea, rosalee, sara-lee, satterlee, schlee, schlie, slee, tommy-lee, ulee

Chablis sounds like:

cable's, cablec, cables, capel's, caples, cashflows, ceballos, cebulski, cevallos, chapel's, civilize, cobleigh, copelco, copley's, copleys, copolla's, coppola's, couple's, couples, cowbells, cupples, cybulski, czaplewski, czaplicki

What rhymes with chablis?