What rhymes with immunized?

List of words that rhyme with immunized in our rhyming dictionary.

Immunized rhymes with:

nonunionized, unionized, africanized, agonized, aluminized, americanized, antagonized, balkanized, canonized, carbonized, christianized, colonized, demonized, disorganized, galvanized, harmonized, hellenized, homogenized, humanized, lionized, mechanized, nonunionized, organized, patronized, reorganized, revolutionized, scrutinized, synchronized, unionized, unorganized, urbanized

Immunized sounds like:

incata, incest, inched, incised, incite, incited, inequity, inexact, ingest, ingested, ingot, iniquity, inject, injected, inkatha, inkjet, inquest, insect, inset, inside, insight, insist, insisted, instead, institut, institute, instituted, instituto

What rhymes with immunized?