What rhymes with inexact?

List of words that rhyme with inexact in our rhyming dictionary.

Inexact rhymes with:

exact, exact, exact, transact, abstract, act, attacked, attract, backed, blacked, bracht, counterattacked, cracked, detract, diffract, distract, enact, exact, extract, fact, hacked, impact, intact, interact, jacked, kracht, lacked, medfact, overreact, packed, pact, pracht, protract, racked, react, redact, reenact, repacked, retract, sacked, schacht, slacked, smacked, snacked, stacked, subtract, tacked, tact, tracht, tracked, tract, transact, unpacked, whacked, wracked

Inexact sounds like:

immunized, incata, incest, inched, incised, incite, incited, inequity, ingest, ingested, ingot, iniquity, inject, injected, inkatha, inkjet, inquest, insect, inset, inside, insight, insist, insisted, instead, institut, institute, instituted, instituto

What rhymes with inexact?