What rhymes with krise?

List of words that rhyme with krise in our rhyming dictionary.

Krise rhymes with:

cries, crise, decries, apprise, comprise, cries, crise, decries, dries, emprise, fries, fry's, gries, grise, pries, prize, reprise, ries, rise, surprise, tries

Krise sounds like:

kaczorowski, kahr's, kahrs, kaiser's, karach, karachi, karakos, karaoke, karas, karasawa, karasek, karasik, karch, karcz, karczewski, karg, karges, karis, karos, karras, karrick, karsh, karwoski, karwowski, kashiwahara's, kayakers, kearse, kehres, keirsey, kerce, kerekes, kerouac, kerrey's, kerrick, kerry's, kersch, kersee, kersey, kersh, kershaw, kharg, kickers, kirch, kirgiz, kirk, kirk's, kirkey, kirks, kirksey, kirkuk, kirouac, kirsch, kirsh, kiryas, kocourek, kocur's, kocurek, kohrs, koors, korczak, korea's, koreas, koresh, koresh's, korry's, koshers, krach, krack, kracke, krage, kragh, krajewski, krajicek, krakow, krakowski, kras, kraska, krasowski, krass, kraszewski, kraus, krause, krauss, krausse, krausz, krauze, krawccykiewi, krawchuk, krawczak, krawczyk, krawiec, krech, krecko, kreg, kreig, kreis, kreiss, krejci, kresa, kresge, kress, kresse, krick, krieg, kriese, kris, krisch, krisko, kriss, kriz, krizek, kroc, kroc's, krock, kroes, kroese, kroeze, krog, krogh, krok, kross, krouse, kruck, kruczek, krug, krugh, kruk, krukowski, krus, kruschke, kruse, kruszewski, kruszka, krych, krysiak, krzywicki, kucharski, kuras, kurek, kurk, kurka, kurkowski, kurokawa, kurosawa, kurowski, kurz, kurzawa

What rhymes with krise?