What rhymes with reprise?

List of words that rhyme with reprise in our rhyming dictionary.

Reprise rhymes with:

apprise, comprise, emprise, pries, prize, surprise, apprise, comprise, cries, crise, decries, dries, emprise, fries, fry's, gries, grise, krise, pries, prize, ries, rise, surprise, tries

Reprise sounds like:

rapers, rappers, reappears, reappraise, reaver's, reefers, referee's, referees, refers, refresh, refreshes, rehberg, repairs, rephrase, repress, reprice, reproach, reprocess, repurchase, repurchases, reveres, reveries, reverse, reverses, reviewer's, reviewers, river's, rivers, riverso, rivieres, robarge, robberies, robbers, roberg, roberge, robers, roofers, roper's, ropers, rover's, rovers, rubberize, rubbers, ruberg, rubric, rybarczyk, ryberg

What rhymes with reprise?