What rhymes with petain?

List of words that rhyme with petain in our rhyming dictionary.

Petain rhymes with:

attain, brattain, abstain, aquitaine, ascertain, attain, brattain, buntain, butane, chastain, contain, costain, detain, entertain, fontaine, fountaine, lafountain, lafountaine, lamontagne, maintain, mustain, obtain, partain, pertain, retain, sartain, stain, sustain, uptain

Petain sounds like:

padden, paden, paduano, patane, pathan, patin, patina, patino, patman, paton, patten, pattin, patton, payton, peaden, peden, pedone, peedin, pepitone, petino, petition, pettine, petunia, peyton, photon, pipitone, pitino, pitman, pitney, pittman, podany, podium, poten, potion, ptomaine, ptyon, put-on, putdown, putman, putnam, putney, puttnam, python

What rhymes with petain?