What rhymes with raffety?

List of words that rhyme with raffety in our rhyming dictionary.

Raffety rhymes with:

crafty, drafty, crafty, drafty, biosafety, crafty, drafty, fiftee, fifty, flightsafety, hefti, hefty, lefty, lofty, nifty, rufty, safety, shifty, thrifty

Raffety sounds like:

rabbit, rabbitt, rabid, rabideau, raffetto, raft, rafted, raped, rapid, rapidity, rapped, rapt, rarefied, raved, reaped, rebate, rebated, rebid, rebuffed, rebut, rebutted, refaat, reffett, reffitt, refit, refitted, refute, refuted, repaid, repeat, repeated, repetti, repetto, repudiate, repudiated, repute, reputed, revette, reviewed, revived, revved, ribaudo, ribbed, ribbit, riffed, rift, ripped, rippetoe, rivet, riveted, rivett, rivette, robbed, robed, robideau, robot, roofed, roped, rovito, rowboat, rubbed, rubout, rufty

What rhymes with raffety?