What rhymes with thrifty?

List of words that rhyme with thrifty in our rhyming dictionary.

Thrifty rhymes with:

fiftee, fifty, nifty, shifty, biosafety, crafty, drafty, fiftee, fifty, flightsafety, hefti, hefty, lefty, lofty, nifty, raffety, rufty, safety, shifty

Thrifty sounds like:

tarbet, terrified, thrift, thrived, torbett, torpedo, torpedoed, torpid, trapped, traviata, treptow, tribbett, tribute, tripod, tripodi, tripped, trippett, trivedi, trivett, trivette, trooped, trovato, truffaut, turbett, turbidity, turbot, turpitude

What rhymes with thrifty?