What rhymes with replies?

List of words that rhyme with replies in our rhyming dictionary.

Replies rhymes with:

applies, complies, implies, misapplies, plies, supplies, supply's, ally's, applies, belies, complies, decriminalize, flies, implies, july's, kleis, lies, lise, mcfly's, misapplies, plies, relies, schleis, sensationalize, supplies, supply's, underlies

Replies sounds like:

rabalais, rafalski, raffles, ravel's, rebel's, rebellious, rebels, rebels', rebholz, refills, reflag, reflex, reflexes, repeals, repels, replace, replaces, replays, replica, replicas, replicase, republic, republic's, republica, republics, republika, repulse, reveals, reveles, revels, revivals, rifles, ripples, rival's, rivals, rivals', robles, ruble's, rubles, ruffles

What rhymes with replies?