What rhymes with supplies?

List of words that rhyme with supplies in our rhyming dictionary.

Supplies rhymes with:

misapplies, supply's, applies, misapplies, supply's, applies, complies, implies, misapplies, plies, replies, supply's

Supplies sounds like:

sables, sabol's, savalas, scofflaws, scuffles, shapeless, shovels, showplace, shuffles, siebels, sivils, sobil's, sobils, soboleski, sobolewski, sobolik, spellacy, spells, spill's, spillage, spills, splash, splashes, splashy, splice, splices, spoilage, spoils, squabbles, subhlok, sublease, suffolk, supply's, swivels, syphilis

What rhymes with supplies?