What rhymes with theft?

List of words that rhyme with theft in our rhyming dictionary.

Theft rhymes with:

antitheft, antitheft, bereft, cleft, deft, heft, kreft, left, neft, tefft

Theft sounds like:

tabitha, taffeta, taft, taped, tapped, tappet, teapot, tebbit, tefft, tepid, thibadeau, thibedeau, thibodeau, thiebaud, tibbett, tibet, tibidow, tidbit, tifft, tift, tipped, tippet, tippett, tippit, tippitt, tiptoe, tiptoed, toft, tofte, topete, topped, towboat, tuft, tufte, tufted, tvedt, tveit, typed, typhoid, typified

What rhymes with theft?