What rhymes with uzis?

List of words that rhyme with uzis in our rhyming dictionary.

Uzis rhymes with:

ferruzzi's, newsies, susie's, suzy's, ashkenazis, boise's, buthelezi's, butulesi's, buzzy's, caseze's, chimpanzees, crazies, daisies, daisy's, easy's, ferruzzi's, frenzies, guernseys, izzy's, jersey's, jerseys, konzi's, lindsey's, manzi's, menzies, new-jersey's, newsies, pansies, paparazzi's, paparazzis, peasey's, ramsey's, ramseys, rosie's, shevardnadze's, susie's, suzy's, woolsey's

Uzis sounds like:

u's, u.'s, u.s, ucci, ueki, ugh, ukase, us, usa, usage, usages, use, usec, uses, uss, uys, uzi

What rhymes with uzis?