What rhymes with ukase?

List of words that rhyme with ukase in our rhyming dictionary.

Ukase rhymes with:

nikkei's, replicase, accuray's, activase, afsane's, airway's, airways, airways', alleyways, always, anyways, ashtrays, aways, birthdays, broadway's, brockway's, byways, callaway's, cashways, castaways, causeways, ceredase, doorways, downplays, driveways, duarte's, edgeways, elway's, emigres, entrees, fairways, faraday's, folkways, foodways, freeways, freightways, fuentes, fuentez, galloways, gateway's, gateways, getaways, giveaways, gourmets, grindlays, guimaraes, hallways, hathaway's, hemingway's, highway's, highways, holiday's, holidays, holliday's, hyundai's, hyundais, invirase, jaffray's, kokate's, leaseway's, lengthways, madres, mainstays, mayonnaise, midway's, mores, newsday's, nikkei's, norway's, nowadays, outlays, outweighs, overlays, padres, paraphrase, pathways, pj's, polyphase, protease, proteges, railway's, railways, relays, replicase, roadways, runaways, runways, safeway's, screenplays, sideways, speculators', stairways, steinway's, strangwayes, subways, sundae's, sunday's, sundays, superhighways, swordplays, taipei's, telomerase, trailways, trailways', traveldays, tuesdays, uruguay's, usairways, velagrande's, walkways, waterways, wednesdays, weekdays, workdays, x-rays, yesterday's, yesterdays

Ukase sounds like:

u's, u.'s, u.s, ucci, ueki, ugh, us, usa, usage, usages, use, usec, uses, uss, uys, uzi, uzis

What rhymes with ukase?