What rhymes with vette?

List of words that rhyme with vette in our rhyming dictionary.

Vette rhymes with:

chevette, clavette, corvette, gravette, irvette, lavette, lovette, olivette, ovett, prevette, privette, revette, rivette, trivette, vet, yevette, yvette

Vette sounds like:

vaeth, vahid, vapid, vat, vath, vatted, vayda, veda, vedette, veit, veith, vet, veta, veteto, veto, vetoed, vetted, vida, vide, video, vied, viet, vieth, vietti, viewed, vita, vitae, viti, vitia, vito, vitt, vittetoe, vittitow, vivid, void, voided, voit, voodoo, votaw, vote, voted, voth, voute, vowed

What rhymes with vette?