What rhymes with lovette?

List of words that rhyme with lovette in our rhyming dictionary.

Lovette rhymes with:

chevette, clavette, corvette, gravette, irvette, lavette, olivette, ovett, prevette, privette, revette, rivette, trivette, vet, vette, yevette, yvette

Lovette sounds like:

labadie, labat, labate, labatt, laboda, labuda, lafata, lafayette, lafeyette, laffitte, lafite, lafitte, lapd, lapped, laveda, lavetta, lavette, leafed, leaped, leapt, leavitt, lebed, lebeda, lebudde, left, lefty, leibovit, leifheit, levett, levied, levit, levitate, levitated, levitt, levitte, levity, libbed, libido, lifeboat, lift, lifted, lipid, lipide, lipped, lippitt, lived, livid, lividity, livoti, lobato, lobbed, lobbied, lobed, loft, lofty, looped, lopata, lopid, lopped, lovato, loved, loveday, lovett, lovitt, luffed, luft, lupita

What rhymes with lovette?