What rhymes with wah?

List of words that rhyme with wah in our rhyming dictionary.

Wah rhymes with:

artois, bois, bourgeois, brisbois, chargois, cheng-hua, comtois, contois, francois, gravois, harnois, hwa, joie, laframboise, langlois, lavoie, marois, moi, qua, salois, sirois, suhua, trois, valois, wa, waah

Wah sounds like:

w, w., wa, waah, wahoo, wai, way, waye, we, wee, wehe, wei, weihe, wey, whay-yu, whew, whey, who, whoa, why, wiehe, wo, woe, woo, wow, wowie, woy, wu, wy, wye

What rhymes with wah?