What rhymes with wanted?

List of words that rhyme with wanted in our rhyming dictionary.

Wanted rhymes with:

accounted, anointed, appointed, augmented, blunted, cemented, commented, confronted, contented, counted, documented, experimented, fermented, granted, haunted, hinted, hunted, implemented, invented, jointed, misprinted, mounted, oriented, painted, patented, planted, pointed, presented, printed, ranted, rented, repainted, represented, resented, slanted, supplanted, supplemented, talented

Wanted sounds like:

wanat, wand, wanda, wandie, waned, want, wanta, wante, weaned, weant, wehunt, weiand, weinand, wend, wenda, wende, wendt, wendy, went, wente, weyand, weyandt, weyant, weymouth, wiant, wieand, winant, wind, winded, window, windowed, windt, windy, wined, winnett, winnowed, wint, winwood, womanhood, won't, wond, wonda, wont, wound, wounded, wyand, wyant, wynette

What rhymes with wanted?