What rhymes with wars?

List of words that rhyme with wars in our rhyming dictionary.

Wars rhymes with:

war's, wars', abhors, adores, azores, boers, bores, bors, chores, clore's, cohrs, cores, corps', delore's, delors, deplores, door's, doors, drawers, explores, floors, four's, fours, gore's, gores, guarantors, hors, ignores, implores, kohrs, mor's, morze, nemours, oars, ores, outdoors, outpours, outscores, pores, pours, restores, roars, roehrs, rohrs, schorr's, scores, shore's, shores, soars, sores, spores, store's, stores, stores', storrs, storz, timor's, underscores, war's, wars', whores, zorz

Wars sounds like:

war's, warehouse, warehouses, wares, warga, wargo, wark, warrick, warriors, wars', warsaw, warsaw's, warsaws, warshaw, warshawsky, warszawa, warwick, warwick's, warzecha, wearers, wearhouse, wears, weers, weir's, weirauch, weirich, weirick, werk, werke, weyers, weyhrauch, weyrauch, weyrich, weyrick, where's, whereas, whorehouse, whores, wiers, wires, wirick, wirkus, wirz, work, work's, works, works', workweek, workweeks, worriers, worries, worse, worseck, wrack, wrage, wragg, wreak, wreaks, wreck, wreckage, wrecks, wrice, wruck, wurz, wyers, wyrick

What rhymes with wars?