What rhymes with wirz?

List of words that rhyme with wirz in our rhyming dictionary.

Wirz rhymes with:

wurz, arbitrageurs, blurs, burres, chauffeur's, chauffeurs, concurs, confers, connoisseurs, defers, demurs, deters, entrepreneur's, entrepreneurs, ers, firs, fors, furr's, furs, her's, herz, incurs, infers, jurs, kurz, liqueurs, lurz, mers, merz, messieurs, monsieurs, occurs, perz, prefers, purrs, refers, restauranteurs, restaurateurs, saboteurs, scherz, schreurs, slurs, spurs, stirs, transfers, wurz

Wirz sounds like:

war's, warehouse, warehouses, wares, warga, wargo, wark, warrick, warriors, wars, wars', warsaw, warsaw's, warsaws, warshaw, warshawsky, warszawa, warwick, warwick's, warzecha, wearers, wearhouse, wears, weers, weir's, weirauch, weirich, weirick, werk, werke, weyers, weyhrauch, weyrauch, weyrich, weyrick, where's, whereas, whorehouse, whores, wiers, wires, wirick, wirkus, work, work's, works, works', workweek, workweeks, worriers, worries, worse, worseck, wrack, wrage, wragg, wreak, wreaks, wreck, wreckage, wrecks, wrice, wruck, wurz, wyers, wyrick

What rhymes with wirz?