What rhymes with commends?

List of words that rhyme with commends in our rhyming dictionary.

Commends rhymes with:

recommends, amends, recommends, amends, recommends, amends, arends, ascends, attends, backends, befriends, bends, blends, comprehends, contends, defends, depends, descends, ends, extends, fends, friend's, friends, friends', intends, lends, offends, overextends, portends, pretends, recommends, sends, spends, suspends, tends, transcends, trends, wends

Commends sounds like:

camdessus, canada's, canandaigua, candace, candice, candice's, candidacies, candidacy, candidate's, candidates, candidates', candies, candiotti's, candy's, cementos, cendejas, cenith's, centex, cents, chants, checkmates, chenowitz, chintzy, ciments, cindy's, cinematic, cocoanuts, coconuts, cognetics, comatose, comdex, comdisco, comedic, comedies, comedy's, comet's, comets, comitatus, command's, commandos, commands, comments, commits, committee's, committees, committees', commodious, commodities, commodity's, communities, community's, commutes, comtois, condos, conduits, coneheads, connotes, contac, contagious, contiguous, contois, contos, coontz, cosmetic, cosmetics, cosmonauts, cosmonauts', countess, countesses, counties, counts, county's, cyanamid's, cynthia's

What rhymes with commends?