What rhymes with sends?

List of words that rhyme with sends in our rhyming dictionary.

Sends rhymes with:

ascends, descends, transcends, amends, arends, ascends, attends, backends, befriends, bends, blends, commends, comprehends, contends, defends, depends, descends, ends, extends, fends, friend's, friends, friends', intends, lends, offends, overextends, portends, pretends, recommends, spends, suspends, tends, transcends, trends, wends

Sends sounds like:

saint's, saints, saints', san-diego, sand's, sandage, sandhog, sandhogs, sandidge, sandos, sandose, sandoz, sandoz's, sands, sandusky, sandwich, sandwiches, sandwick, sandy's, sanitize, santa's, santas, santiago, santos, santosh, santosuosso, santucci, sassnet's, sassnets, scents, schantz, schematic, schmidt's, schmidtke, schmitz, schmutz, schnittke, schnitz, schwantes, second's, seconds, segment's, segments, semantic, semantics, sematech, semiotic, semiotics, semitic, semtex, senate's, sendak, sentz, shands, shandwick, shandwick's, shanties, shantz, shawmut's, shindig, shontz, shunts, simmonds, simonds, skinheads, smith's, smiths, smithwick, smits, smooths, smoots, smudge, snatch, snatches, snitch, snout's, snouts, sonatas, sondag, sonnets, sonntag, sontag, sound's, sounds, sumita's, summit's, summits, sundae's, sunday's, sundays, sundews, swantek, symantec, symantec's, symmonds, symonds, synod's, syntax, syntech, syntex, syntex's, syntheses, synthesis, synthesize, synthetic, synthetics

What rhymes with sends?