What rhymes with descends?

List of words that rhyme with descends in our rhyming dictionary.

Descends rhymes with:

ascends, sends, transcends, amends, arends, ascends, attends, backends, befriends, bends, blends, commends, comprehends, contends, defends, depends, ends, extends, fends, friend's, friends, friends', intends, lends, offends, overextends, portends, pretends, recommends, sends, spends, suspends, tends, transcends, trends, wends

Descends sounds like:

dachshunds, desantiago, desantis, desantos, descents, designates, desmids, disantis, discounts, dismutase, disseminates, dissents, docents, documents, dogmatic, dossantos, doughnuts

What rhymes with descends?