What rhymes with cove?

List of words that rhyme with cove in our rhyming dictionary.

Cove rhymes with:

boeve, bove, drove, gove, grove, hove, labauve, rove, soave, stove, strove, throve, tov, trove, wove

Cove sounds like:

cab, caba, cabbie, cabby, cabe, cabey, cabo, cacioppo, cafe, caffee, caffey, cap, cape, capo, capp, cappa, cappo, cappy, capua, casbah, casseb, causby, cava, cave, cavey, cebu, cep, chafe, chafee, chaff, chaffee, chaffy, chap, chapa, chapp, chappie, chazov, cheap, cheapo, checkoff, checkup, chef, chekhov, chevy, chiba, chief, chieffo, chip, chippewa, chippy, chop, chopp, choppy, chuba, chubb, chubby, chubu, chupp, ciba, cicippio, cioffi, co-op, co-wife, cob, cobb, cobe, cobepa, cobey, cobia, cobo, cobweb, coby, coffee, coffey, cohesive, cohiba, coiffe, coipa, coop, cop, copa, cope, copp, coppa, coppee, copy, cosby, coup, coupe, covey, covia, covy, cowboy, cozby, cspi, cub, cuba, cube, cueva, cuff, cuffe, cuffee, cup, cupo, cupp, cuppy, cusip, cusp, cyb

What rhymes with cove?