What rhymes with cumbo?

List of words that rhyme with cumbo in our rhyming dictionary.

Cumbo rhymes with:

colombo, columbo, dumbo, gumbo, jumbo, mumbo, palumbo, stumbo, trumbo, archambault, archambeault, bimbo, colombo, columbo, dumbo, gumbo, gumbo-limbo, jumbo, lembo, limbo, mambo, mumbo, palombo, palumbo, pombo, rambo, rambow, sambo, shambo, stumbo, tambo, trumbo, zambo

Cumbo sounds like:

camby, camp, campa, campau, campeau, campi, campo, campy, canby, canepa, canipe, cannavo, canniff, canopy, canova, canup, canupp, casanova, cazenove, cemp, champ, champa, champeau, chazanoff, chimp, chomp, chump, ciampa, ciampi, comb, combe, combee, combo, comby, comfy, comp, compeau, compo, compu, conboy, conniff, connive, convey, convoy, coombe, cumbee, cumbia, cumbie, cumby, cunniff

What rhymes with cumbo?