What rhymes with rambo?

List of words that rhyme with rambo in our rhyming dictionary.

Rambo rhymes with:

rambow, rambow, sambo, shambo, tambo, zambo, archambault, archambeault, bimbo, colombo, columbo, cumbo, dumbo, gumbo, gumbo-limbo, jumbo, lembo, limbo, mambo, mumbo, palombo, palumbo, pombo, rambow, sambo, shambo, stumbo, tambo, trumbo, zambo

Rambo sounds like:

rainbow, rambeau, rambow, ramify, ramp, rampey, rampy, remove, rempe, renminbi, renouf, reunify, rimbey, romanoff, romanov, romp, rump, rumpf, rumph, runoff, runup

What rhymes with rambo?