What rhymes with curve?

List of words that rhyme with curve in our rhyming dictionary.

Curve rhymes with:

conserve, d'oeuvre, deserve, herve, hors-d-oeuvre, irv, irve, merv, mirv, nerve, observe, preserve, reserve, serv, serve, swerve, underserve, unnerve, verve, zurve

Curve sounds like:

carafe, carava, caraveo, carbo, carboy, carby, caribe, caribou, carob, carp, carpio, carriveau, carrubba, carve, carvey, cerf, cervi, charpie, cherub, chirp, chirpy, chorba, corbo, corbu, corby, corp, corrib, corriveau, corva, corvo, cosgriff, cosgrove, crab, crabb, crabbe, crabby, craib, crap, crapo, crappie, crappy, crave, cravey, creep, creepy, cref, crepe, crepeau, crib, cribb, crip, cripe, croff, crop, cropp, croup, crupi, crybaby, cuervo, curb, curbow, curby, curfew, curvy

What rhymes with curve?