What rhymes with dufek?

List of words that rhyme with dufek in our rhyming dictionary.

Dufek rhymes with:

alphaphotographic, amyotrophic, anthropomorphic, autopacific, autotrophic, calligraphic, catastrophic, choreographic, compugraphic, delphic, demographic, dimorphic, duffek, epigraphic, ethnographic, geographic, geostrophic, graphic, heterotrophic, hieroglyphic, holographic, honorific, horrific, hydrographic, hypertrophic, kenefick, lithographic, logographic, metamorphic, micrographic, nonspecific, oceanographic, orographic, orphic, pacific, pansophic, philosophic, photographic, polymorphic, pornographic, prolific, pseudoscientific, rafik, reprographic, scientific, specific, steffek, stenographic, stereographic, stratigraphic, summagraphic, tawfiq, terrific, tomographic, topographic, traffic, transpacific, unscientific

Dufek sounds like:

dabbs, dabchick, dabkowski, dafsa, dapice, dapozzo, dapuzzo, database, databases, daufuskie, davco, dave's, daves, davies, davio's, davis, davis', davis's, davos, davox, dbase, debakey, debase, debauche, debbie's, debes, debevoise, debiase, debose, debs, debug, debus, debusk, debussy, debussy's, deepak, deface, defazio, defex, deffeyes, defibaugh, defies, defoe's, defusco, defuse, depace, depass, depaz, depose, deposi, devaux, deveaux, device, device's, devices, devious, devise, devises, devos, devoss, diabase, diabasic, dibacco, dibiase, dibiasio, dibs, difazio, diffuse, diffuses, dipiazza, dips, divas, dives, divis, dobbs, dobek, dobesh, dobias, dobies, dobis, doboj, dobos, dobosz, doepke, dofasco, doffs, doubek, doves, dovish, du-bois, dubach, dubas, dubbs, dubcek, dubicki, dubious, dubis, dubois, duboise, dubose, dubs, dubuc, dubuque, dubuque's, dudayev's, duffek, duffus, duffy's, dupes, dupuis, dybas

What rhymes with dufek?