What rhymes with doves?

List of words that rhyme with doves in our rhyming dictionary.

Doves rhymes with:

above's, gloves, love's, loves, luvs, shoves, above's, abrasives, absolves, achieves, active's, actives, additives, adhesives, adjectives, afterlives, aftershaves, airwaves, alcoves, alewives, alternatives, approves, architraves, archives, arrives, asimov's, askoldov's, automotive's, aviv's, baryshnikov's, behaves, behooves, believes, biev's, bivalves, bookshelves, braves, braves', brezhnev's, calves, captives, carves, cave's, caves, chaves, chekhov's, cheves, chives, cleaves, cloves, collectives, compuserve's, conservatives, conservatives', contraceptives, cooperatives, countermoves, counteroffensives, coves, craves, curves, d'oeuvres, dave's, daves, delves, deprives, derivatives, derives, deserves, detective's, detectives, directives, disapproves, disincentives, disproves, dissolves, dives, draves, drive's, drives, droves, dudayev's, dwarves, eaves, electives, elves, enclaves, eves, evolves, exclusives, executive's, executives, executives', expletives, explosives, five's, fives, fixatives, forgives, fugitives, fyodorov's, gives, gleaves, gloves, gonaives, gorbachev's, gorbachevs, govs, grachev's, graves, greaves, grieves, grooves, grove's, groves, halves, hargraves, hargreaves, hartgraves, haves, heaves, hives, hooves, housewives, imperatives, improves, incentives, initiatives, interleaves, involves, ives, khlebnikov's, khrushchev's, kiev's, knaves, knives, kozyrev's, krikalev's, laxatives, leaves, ligachev's, lives, lives', loaves, locomotives, love's, loves, luvs, lyubimov's, maldives, maves, mavs, mavs', microwaves, midwives, misbehaves, misconceives, misperceives, motives, moves, musgrave's, nabokov's, narratives, natives, neaves, negatives, neoconservatives, nerves, neves, nonnatives, objectives, observes, octaves, offensives, olives, operatives, ourselves, outlives, palliatives, paves, peeves, perceives, performatives, perspectives, positives, prerogatives, preservatives, preserves, preventatives, progressives, proves, purves, raves, reaves, receives, recitatives, reeves, reeves', relative's, relatives, relieves, removes, representative's, representatives, representatives', reserve's, reserves, resolves, retrieves, reves, revives, revolves, revs, rieves, rives, rybakov's, salves, save's, saves, scarves, seagraves, seagroves, selves, serves, shaves, sheaves, shelves, shives, shockwaves, shoves, shreves, sieves, slaves, slavs, sleeves, sloves, solves, staves, steeves, steve's, steves, stoves, strives, subversives, superabrasives, superlatives, survives, taves, teves, theirselves, themselves, thieves, thieves', thrives, valves, varves, vaslov's, vives, waives, waves, weaves, wives, wives', wolves, yourselves, yugoslavs, zaitsev's

Doves sounds like:

dabbs, dabchick, dabkowski, dafsa, dapice, dapozzo, dapuzzo, database, databases, daufuskie, davco, dave's, daves, davies, davio's, davis, davis', davis's, davos, davox, dbase, debakey, debase, debauche, debbie's, debes, debevoise, debiase, debose, debs, debug, debus, debusk, debussy, debussy's, deepak, deface, defazio, defex, deffeyes, defibaugh, defies, defoe's, defusco, defuse, depace, depass, depaz, depose, deposi, devaux, deveaux, device, device's, devices, devious, devise, devises, devos, devoss, diabase, diabasic, dibacco, dibiase, dibiasio, dibs, difazio, diffuse, diffuses, dipiazza, dips, divas, dives, divis, dobbs, dobek, dobesh, dobias, dobies, dobis, doboj, dobos, dobosz, doepke, dofasco, doffs, doubek, dovish, du-bois, dubach, dubas, dubbs, dubcek, dubicki, dubious, dubis, dubois, duboise, dubose, dubs, dubuc, dubuque, dubuque's, dudayev's, dufek, duffek, duffus, duffy's, dupes, dupuis, dybas

What rhymes with doves?